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WebOPUS® Federal is our web-based case and claims management, reporting and document storage system.

Our software provides

Our customizable system is designed to maximize data capture, manage workflows, guide clinical decision-making, generate and store case documentation, and support confidential communications. It also provides increased visibility of ancillary services, and access to standard and ad hoc reports.

Using robust and flexible rule-based logic, WebOPUS® Federal provides situational alerts and creates triggers to facilitate prompt, effective case and claims management decision-making.

  • Workload management tool
  • Intuitive data entry interface
  • First notice of injury functionality
  • Email alerts to notify appropriate individuals of a new injury or significant event
  • Automated ad hoc diary system allows efficient workflow management
  • Real-time claim status and case management notes
  • Secure communications portal
  • Provider look-up tools
  • Prospective identification of cases that are approaching accepted limits for disability duration

Our software is compliant with all U.S. Federal Systems Security and Privacy requirements and provides:

  • Secure user access with role-based entitlements
  • Flexibility to assign teams to specific locations or departments

  • Extensive document creation and storage capacity, allowing for easily retrievable electronic claim files
  • Export records retirement or deletion capability at the end of specified federal record retention intervals

  • System flexibility allows for the creation of client-specific data capture
  • Incorporation of data elements to match the data captured on agency and OWCP specific forms
  • Import and aggregation of disparate claim and ancillary medical data
  • Incorporation of specific work and medical status codes
  • Standard and ad hoc reporting