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Auto liability

A new and better way to manage government vehicle claims.

What we do

Sedgwick Government Solutions’ end-to-end auto solution offers first- and third-party auto liability claims management, loss adjusting and program administration, as well as comprehensive appraisal services for personal auto and commercial fleets, including heavy equipment.


With our experienced auto, trucking and transportation teams, we can provide a full range of customizable services to help government agencies and public entities with damage and losses.


The scale and scope of our auto solutions, coupled with enhanced digital support, provide an unprecedented customer experience.

Our suite of services includes

Not only do we have a network of dedicated field appraisers who are experts in the industry, but we also back our network with highly qualified, service-oriented colleagues. Our account coordinators receive and dispatch new assignments, diligently follow up on all open claims, and respond to any questions or status requests.

We have brought together the best of our services for auto liability claims management, appraisals, direct repair program and loss adjusting. Designed as a comprehensive, bundled offering, clients also have the option of unbundling services based on their needs. Our end-to-end service is supported by regional centers of excellence to leverage our scale and expertise — providing support when and where you need it.

Our direct repair program offers a complete solution that connects with high quality auto repair facilities coast to coast. This creates a seamless experience, from first report of damage or loss to getting you and your vehicles back on the road.