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Contact center

We configure our customer service centers and support systems, features and services to client and program specifications.

Customer service and contact center operations are one of our core competencies. Through our contact centers, we offer live, toll-free customer service and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These contact center operations leverage our best practices, modern systems, and operational features to create an optimal contact center experience for the customer.

To ensure the team delivers the best service possible, we consistently monitor performance and customer satisfaction. All inbound contacts are captured and recorded to ensure quality and accuracy. Our contact centers are staffed with multi-lingual customer service representatives.

We facilitate the success of our contact center services through an in-depth quality assurance program that uses regular audits and coaching to keep our contact center colleagues aligned with customer needs, internal process controls and client/program requirements. We regularly measure quality using colleague audits, services audits, targeted control audits and real-time reporting, including colleague acknowledgment and remediation. We have proven experience in customer satisfaction goal attainment and use monthly survey responses to track overall customer experience results.