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Sedgwick Government Solutions: imagining the possibilities for the federal market

July 20, 2023

We are excited to introduce Sedgwick Government Solutions, a Sedgwick business that exists to help people, restore property, and empower performance through claims and productivity management solutions tailored to the unique needs of federal employees and government agencies. With a people first, tech forward and data driven approach, Sedgwick Government Solutions brings together empathy, innovation and expertise to support federal clients when they need it most.

Sedgwick Government Solutions already maintains a solid foundation. After more than half a century of experience working with state and local governments, Sedgwick acquired Managed Care Advisors (MCA), an award-winning federal government contracting firm, in 2021. This acquisition gave Sedgwick the opportunity to further strengthen its expertise and expand solutions across the federal market. As Sedgwick Government Solutions, our identity may look a little different, but our purpose remains unchanged. Thanks to MCA, we have a growing and dedicated team of clinical professionals, analysts and technical experts accustomed to the needs of the public sector. The team will continue to support clients, maximize employee health and productivity, and create practical solutions with measurable goals and outcomes. The future holds new possibilities. By combining MCA’s specialty government background with Sedgwick’s deep capabilities — proven across industries and enterprises, including 78% of the Fortune 100 — Sedgwick Government Solutions is translating private sector best practices into valuable public sector offerings. Not only will Sedgwick Government Solutions apply the best of MCA, its decades of experience supporting agencies with oversight and administration of the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) programs, its managed care options, and its focus on care and compliance, but we’re thinking how we can serve our clients beyond those needs. What other ways can we fine-tune legacy services in support of the public sector? Can we transform our offerings in property loss adjusting, repair solutions, absence management and other spaces into new options to help government clients and employees?

Whatever comes next, our government clients can trust we’re in it together, for the long haul. We have the resources, knowledge and drive to weather storms and rise to occasions. Backed by our parent organization’s global experience and results, Sedgwick Government Solutions is an innovative, trusted partner that provides essential services to a diverse client base, including many government agencies, in all 50 states and U.S. territories. Our dedicated and experienced team of experts streamlines processes so government entities can focus on protecting our homeland, responding to natural disasters, boosting our economy and other matters of national and global importance.

To learn more about Sedgwick Government Solutions, please explore our new website,, and read our press release announcement with additional details. And stay tuned for more posts in our new blog series featuring expert insights on timely topics affecting the public sector.